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All 3 Pocket Guidebooks

All 3 Pocket Guidebooks

Three books for the price of two!

£ 13.98 Add

Ex Mainline Standard Gauge

Complete listings of all ex-Mainline standard gauge steam locomotives that were built, served and are now preserved or are awaiting restoration within Great Britain.

£ 6.99 Add

Ex-Industrial & WD Standard Gauge

Contains listings of all standard gauge ex-Industrial and WD steam locomotives that were built, served and are now preserved or are awaiting restoration within Great Britain.

£ 6.99 Add

Non-Standard Gauge

This book covers all non-standard gauge steam engines (15 inch to broad gauge) currently in the UK.

£ 6.99 Add

A Working History

A complete record of the workplaces of all standard gauge steam locomotives to be found in Great Britain today.

£ 13.50 Add
All Four Books

All Four Books

All Four Books for £20!

£ 20.00 Add
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